The Proselytizer

Jason Bredle


Emotionally speaking, I’m a mess. Have you ever read what’s his name? Space and time are a fabric that surrounds us. Tell me what you know about the velocity of the universe. One night, I thought really, really, really hard until an omnipresent male voice spoke to me. He told me I could be king if I perform a few tasks. I had to transcribe everything he said. I had to tell you what he told me. I had to circumcise myself. It felt like the end of the beginning. Thirty years later, here I am. The same goes for music. I love it when it makes you feel as if you’ll seize at any moment. If you can see six or seven moves into the future, you have to erase those visions as quickly as you can. Otherwise, there’s too much emptiness. It’s all inspired by a true story. It started with a fist of white light. It exploded. Knife in one language means wound in another. There’s no cosmological constant. Just look at the night sky. We’re someone else’s heaven.