Hold Your Horses

Brett Elizabeth Jenkins


Hold them real gently and stroke their hair (they like that).

You can't hold all of them because they are too heavy but you can hold the real little ones.

Tell your horse it's a good horse.

Hold your horses under apple trees and find the shiniest apples, let them take them in their mouths.

Do not be scared of the horse mouths even though it makes sense to be scared of the horse mouths.

Three of your head would fit in one horse mouth.

Hold your horse while mercury is in retrograde and ask god to give you some stuff.

Look into your horse's eyes and feel wheels sparking between you.

Look into your horse's mouth (fuck what people say about gifts because you're not scared to look into your horse's mouth).

Hold your horses in the hay while they lay down, then braid their manes.

Bury your face in the side of your horse and remember you don't have to stop holding it.