Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Issue 92 of The Collagist, our eighth anniversary issue!

Eight years and ninety-two issues is, for us, a milestone, and this seems like a moment to acknowledge those who have worked hard on our behalf and those who have spread the word and helped us to find readers. Our sincere affection and deepest gratitude go out to our incredible contributors, our staff—past, present, and future—our publisher, Dzanc Books, and of course to you, our readers. Thank you, one and all.

If age is really nothing but a number, it seems appropriate that we're celebrating year 8—in many scripts and fonts, a number that, in the making, crosses itself, and which has a delicate symmetry—with an issue featuring crossings of many kinds, physical and metaphorical, and delicate symmetries, sometimes broken. Here there are the misheard, the misunderstood, and the misread, translations gone renegade, stories that work like Möbius strips (turn that 8 sideways!), birth and death, identifications and misidentifications, syntheses and confusions. It is, in other words, a wonderfully human issue.

It is also, we believe, an issue well worth your time and attention. We hope you agree, and we look forward to the next eight years. 

(One last thing: If you'd like to help us celebrate, please, after you've enjoyed this issue, take a spin through our archives. We've had the distinct honor of publishing so much great work over the last eight years. The best present we could get is word that work is still being read and savored.)

Until next time,
Gabriel Blackwell