Meghan Dunn

A little advice, too late:
Love what you can carry.
Such as, a smooth oddly-shaped stone,
a small pet, a child who never grows.
Love, we never told each other
the truth. Such as, the time you hurt me
still hurts. Such as, the time I hurt you
hurts more. Some things I will never forgive.
Such as, the cold side of the bed.
The undented pillow.
The time you said, I hope you find
someone to make you happy.
The time I forgot and I was happy.
Such as, today. Love,
there was too much of you to count.
The place we loved is gone.
You know the one I mean.
What I mean is, it’s still there
but the sky enrages me.
Never the long grass. Never again
those crickets. Never the murmur of your voice
against the unfair backdrop of goldenrod.
Never the navy sky.
Shut up, sky. Stop the twinkling
that no one’s left to see. Never again
the darkening we failed to notice.