Mr. / Signifier

Tyler Mills


Is that your name?

Did your parents expect you to be a boy?

I don’t think Tyler is here.
Yes I am. I am here. 

We roomed you with…Joel.

That chair is for Tyler.
I’m Tyler.
No, the other Tyler. He signed up weeks ago. Here’s his name.
That’s my name.
That seat is for him.
I’ll wait for him… I think I am …

Who is the patient?

You’ll play the part of the prince.
Pencils a brown mustache over my lip.

If your name is Tyler, there’s a really good chance you have a big dick!
[Urban Dictionary]

Whispering         Breasts.            Whispering         She has them. She.
Why are they talking about my boobs? Looks down. High-necked dress.
She’s a she. I looked it up.       Yes. She.          She.
Clears throat.     Hi, everyone… Good afternoon.

Oh, I thought you were signing for someone else.
Mr. Mills is not my husband.

I’ll need to see your ID with your credit card.
But I really did write it. That.

Mr. Mills, pending your revisions, we would like to publish your fine article.
Thank you. But I’m female. You may call me Tyler.

[No address] As submitted, the syntax of most sentences despite the revisions did not
                recommend publication.
No address.        [                      ]           That seat is for him.

We’ll wait for him. Where is he?
He can be REALLY stubborn.

Tyler is used to describe one who is extremely sexy and badass.
[Urban dictionary]

We weren’t expecting…you.
I know. But here I am.

Tyler. Isn’t quite sure what he wants.
Always seems confused.

What can I say? He’s Tyler. 

No. I’m Tyler.