Double Portrait

Brittany Perham


We were lovers in Phoenix. We were lovers in Houston.
We were lovers in cheap & expensive hotel rooms.

We were lovers in private. We were lovers in secret.
We were lovers in public, on porch swings & carpet.

We went to the sideshows. We went to the sex fair.
You pulled me over by yanking my hair. 

You bought the stockings; I bought perfume.
We fishnetted our way through each afternoon.

I preferred white & you preferred red.
We both liked tequila last before bed.

We argued at breakfasts. We argued on drives.
We argued in front of our friends & their wives.

We argued at teatime. We argued at dinner.
Neither of us could determine the winner.

I packed a bag. You broke glass in my shoe.
The last thing we said was fuck you, fuck you.

But you came back when I called. I came for you.
Who would be leaving when next we were through?