No One Comes Back as a Horse

Erin Lyndal Martin

The horse was a four-legged, hooved creature in existence for many years, domesticated since 3000 BC and in existence until the recent past. Horses were often ridden for transport or pleasure and could also be used to transport goods. Many images of horses from this era remain. Some images erroneously depict horses and dinosaurs fighting or cohabitating peacefully. The latter images were likely creations of the Equine-Jurassic Revisionist Movement, a time in which idealists sought to repair the damage done by the climate wars by creating art portraying harmonious inter-species relationships. 

There aren't any horses anymore. Horses did not disappear from the planet simply because there was no need. (It is, however, true that horses roamed the earth as late as the era preceding the invention of the motor car or "horseless carriage.") Rather, horses stopped existing because humans were unable to karmically replenish the world's supply.

It is a fact that humans have always returned for post-human lives as other creatures. Indwelling fate determines if a man will be a squirrel or a Scotch bonnet pepper. Scientists have performed many experiments to determine the algorithms that govern flora-and-fauna-based rebirth. Naturally, the hope here is that wealthier humans will be able to pay to come back as a noble creature or apex predator. What billionaire would not pay any price to avoid being just another vermin in a Rat King?

Flora-and-fauna rebirth remains mysterious in its equations and machinations. However, one thing is known for certain: No one comes back as a horse. When the horse population was dwindling, researchers performed psychic tests on them to deduce who they were in past, human lives. The researchers hoped the innards of horses would instruct them on how to make more. These same researchers took apart the tallest, swiftest thoroughbreds. They could not ascertain what evidence they sought. Some may have searched for a child's toy or human dog tag embedded within the infrastructure of the horse. Others opted for more metaphysical research, attempting to test for specific horse aether in the same methods that failed Michelson and Morley in their quest to prove aether existed at all. Finally, researchers revealed the Akashic imprint of a horse and saw there were no human traces at all. Horses began only with themselves.

Horses are pure energy. They reverberate in the world like their hoofbeats. When a horse dies, thunderheads come, and lightning fixes the nitrogen in our soil. Flowers that have neglected their tropisms remember their posture. It's not unheard of for horse energy to find its way into a human being, but it is very uncommon. Most people will only ever meet one person who is part horse. It is generally easy to tell when that happens.

But no one comes back as a horse. Horses are just the wild beginning. The rest of us have to figure it out on our own.